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Helping people
serving sentences
to turn around
their futures.

We're redefining the boundaries between the justice system and the wider community.

Some of us have been through that system, some of us haven’t.  But working together, we help people who are serving sentences to turn around their futures, and we engage the wider community in supporting them on that journey. ​

​Our transitional employment opportunities help reduce barriers to employment.  Our coaching model helps people plan their new futures.  And our volunteering programme is building shared, supportive communities. ​

​Working together, we are pursuing our vision of an inclusive community where everyone has hope and opportunity.

SENI Awards 2022 Winner

Tackling the barriers to employment.

Our Transitional Employment model helps people overcome the barriers they face as they complete sentences in prison or in the community.  ​

For many, conventional employment is hard to find and difficult to sustain. ​

Offering training and employment experience before people complete their sentences, and a more supportive working environment afterwards, we provide real-work opportunities for people during a crucial period of transition in their lives. 

Our approach. 


Transitional training and employment

Providing real jobs, in real enterprises, to tackle barriers to employment.


A strengths-based model of support

Supporting people to use their own strengths and make plans for their future.


Shared and supportive communities

Bringing people together to learn from and support each other.



Our social enterprises.

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