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What we do.


Our approach.

Just as it takes work to turn around your future, a lot of work has gone into developing the approach that we take to helping people to do so.  We have worked with people who have been through the justice system, and people who work within it and around it; as well as with academics and other experts here and in other countries.  

The product of all of that research and co-design is an approach to enabling people to turn around their futures that comprises three elements: equipping people; enabling employment; and engaging and advocating. 

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Our impact.

"It’s fantastic to be part of a team making a real difference to our community, everybody brings different skills and we all learn from each other.  I’d recommend this organisation to anyone who wants to have a better way of life for self and others."

Brian, Outwork Supervisor

"It is clear that the service users believed that the opportunities provided through Turnaround, combined with the integrated supports, contributed to successful resettlement, something that aligns well with the wider evidence."

Dr Colm Walsh and Prof Shadd Maruna, Queen's University Belfast

Catherine, Volunteer

"I had a few spare hours a week and really wanted to use it meaningfully. When I heard about Turnaround and how they help change people's lives, I really wanted to get involved. This charity offers hope and the chance of new beginnings and to be just a small part of that is so exciting! Plus I am able to fit in my volunteering around other commitments and a family and there is never any pressure to give more than I can! 

Sometimes I get frustrated that I can't change the world in the way I want but volunteering with Turnaround has given me the opportunity to at least try!"

Debbie, Crew member

"If you like being outdoors this is the job for you.  Not only do you get a job you get help with anything you need.  As a team we all work together."

Dr Colm Walsh and Prof Shadd Maruna, Queen's University Belfast

"Overall, the project team and Board, in partnership with other key stakeholders have made significant progress in a relatively short period of time.  It appears that the model that is being developed [by Turnaround] is aligned to the best available evidence on desistance from crime in regard to transitional employment and coaching support."

Crew member

"I just don't want to go back in this time. I really don't but I know its going to be hard. Getting into work is breaking the week up for me and gives me something to do. I'm doing three days and in those three days I'm doing something good. I feel good. On the other days, I'm looking forward to those three days."

"I'm very grateful to Turnaround. It was a great opportunity that supported me when I left prison. I gained experience in work that has boosted my confidence when applying for jobs. It was a kickstart for me."

Connor, Crew member

"To me, Outwork stands for Opportunity, Understanding, Teamwork, Work experience, Outdoors, Real work for real people and Kindness."

Aaron, Crew member

Crew member

"Having a job has made me realise that I had the potential to work and not go back to the way I was before. I used to feel like I couldn't. I had no self-esteem but I'm feeling more confident. I can't wait to get back into work after all this."

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